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The pre-production checklist

Pre-production is the most important phase of filmmaking. Without a solid foundation of pre-production, the production will probably fall flat. Every film needs some pre-production, and a checklist for the same might prove useful.

The Script: Script is the first step of your pre-production. It’s the skeleton on which you add other features to make your visual masterpiece. Without a script, one cannot move ahead with the other steps in this checklist.

Budget: This is the second most important step. Before you can make any decisions based on the script, prepare a budget with which you have to work. This might have to be increased later on, so it’s advisable to keep aside some backup.

Shot list: Next, a detailed list of shots needs to be prepared, based on your script. This gives you a visualized form of the script, organize it and create a blueprint to help you shoot the film in the most efficient way possible.

Crew: A film is a collaborative art and you need a team by your side. Even in the smallest film crew, you need to have a cinematographer, editor, and sound designer. In accordance with your budget, you can then choose to grow your crew, or keep it minimal.

Locations and props: Now, break down the script and make a list of locations and props. Location scouting is a long process and their availability might need you to change parts of the script. The importance of props list shouldn’t be undermined here. Even if there aren’t any vital props in your plotline, background props have a significant role in creating your visual world.

Casting: Unlike all the previous steps, there’s no way one can do away with this. Release a casting call for actors to know what you are searching for, request a reel or picture, and take auditions of the ones short-listed. Be aware that this might be a quick or an exhausting, lengthy process.

This is not an extensive list and you can do as much prep before your production as you want, and include a lot more processes.


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