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10 Important Lessons about Short Film Production We Learned From The Oscars

The 90th Academy Awards aired on March 4th and many of us tuned in to find out which films won in the different categories. The ceremony was a reminder of just how difficult it is to make an excellent short film, but there were a few lessons we learned about short film production that will come valuable to anyone who wants to create their own.

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The Oscars and short films

The Academy Awards were a showcase of the best in film. It was a grand spectacle, and there were many speeches and winners to celebrate. One category that received a lot of attention was Short Films, which are films that are under 30 minutes long. The Oscar for Best Short Film went to "Birdman," which is an interesting choice since it is not really a short film at all. Here are 10 lessons about short films we learned from the Oscars.

10 points learned from the short film category

This year, the Academy Awards honored the best in short film. They announced 10 winning films from this category. There are many lessons that filmmakers can learn from these films. For example, filmmakers should have a clear story arc because it's easier to produce and audiences will be more engaged. Film makers also need to make sure to consider the cost of their film and develop ways for it to be profitable.

What is the takeaway

The takeaway is that the only way to get your film noticed is through a contest. The Oscars are one of the most prestigious contests in Hollywood, so winning an Oscar really does help.

What point are most important

The most important point is that a short film can be as good as a full-length one. This means that you don't have to be restricted by time or money, and you can go all out on creativity. In addition, it's a lot easier to write a good screenplay for a short film than a full length movie.

A short film can be as good as a full-length one.


This blog contains 10 lessons learned from the 2018 Academy Awards. The major lesson is that, even if you have a great film, it's not enough to win an Oscar. Other factors need to be considered such as star power and marketing. One of the most important parts of the Academy Awards is, who knows how to make a winner?


The conclusion of this blog was about what makes one film better than another in order for it to win an Oscar. It also talked about how many different factors come into play when it comes to making a film. There are many different things that must be considered such as star power and marketing strategies.


And finally, when your project is ready, use our platform to connect with a wider audience and give your creativity a Golden Wing.


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