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Hi! I’m GWIFA,

An international film festival.

Golden Wings International Film Awards (GWIFA Awards) is an USA based film festival operating from UK and India. The festival is created to celebrate the diversity of independent cinema, which are not visible through traditional channels, and hence have remained under-appreciated through the years. We aspire to give visibility to the undiscovered gems of the independent film industry and offer a dynamic platform to independent films, from all over the world.

Golden Wings International Film Awards (GWIFA Awards) invites independent films and screenplays from diverse filmmaking styles, backgrounds and genres, and accepts submissions across various categories and genres. Our aim is to promote originality in artistic expressionism, experimentation in storytelling and compelling narratives. We believe in giving well-deserved opportunities to indie filmmakers to tell their mesmerising stories and network with other ingenious filmmakers, thereby creating a powerful connection among independent filmmakers and film-lovers around the globe.